ARPI presents a conceptual framework to advise government and respond to large corporates trying to monetise social media

This discussion paper is the first in a series of papers and explores the tendency for the existing social media landscape to exhibit strong vertical integration and why this is a problem.

The paper is available here or by pasting the following URL into your browser.

Others to follow in this series will include:
– Major digital destruction
– Social media decentralisation
– Two social media firms in big trouble
– Dark web sensation

CRO Review – A guide to the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy

This guide has been prepared by an ARPI Associate who is a Chief Risk Officer and wishes to
offer suggestions on how the Commonwealth’s Risk Management (Operational) Policy could be more
effective from a risk management perspective. Thus the views expressed focus on risk management.

The guide is available here or via the Publications Page under ‘C’.

The International Centre for Complex Project Management have issued their March CONNECT magazine. It’s available through

There are three articles and a book review in this edition, and also the first Academic-In-Residence article from Prof. Stephane Tywoniak on page 28. The education section has some exciting news about ICCPM.
ICCPM logo

ARPI Board Member to speak at upcoming event

Secure Australia Event

ARPI Board member and Director Security Risk Policy, Jason Brown will feature as one of the speakers at the upcoming Secure Australia event. This event will bring together an elite group of business continuity, security and organisational resilience managers and a high level group of representatives from government organisations, police and international experts to share experiences, and strategies in a closed door event. Details are:

Secure Australia
15-17 March 2016
Powerhouse Museum Sydney, Australia

Further details are available from the Secure Australia event website

ARPI releases the Strategic Risk Policy 2016

The Australian Risk Policy Institute (ARPI) today released its latest flagship publication titled ‘Strategic Risk Policy 2016’ which complements the Risk Policy Model 2012. Strategic Risk Policy is about new approaches to better connect Leaders, Decision-Makers and Policy Formulators with Risk.

The release is supported by a Media Release with the Strategic Risk Policy 2016 available on the website.

ARPI Media Release – International Risk Standard ISO 31000 Needs Urgent Review – 8 October 2015

The International Standard on Risk Management ISO 31000 does not meet today’s leadership requirements
and requires urgent revision according to the Australian Risk Policy Institute (ARPI).

‘Today’s challenges require new thinking and new approaches – some of today’s challenges we have never
seen before’ said ARPI President Tony Charge.

See the full media release here: ARPI calls for urgent Global Risk Review

7 new papers published on the ARPI website – July 2015

ARPI has published seven new papers by ARPI Director, Peter Quinton.

Regulation – key elements of designing risk based regulation – July 2015

Legislative Techniques – Designing risk based legislation – July 2015

Federation Whitepaper – Observations – July 2015

Federation Whitepaper – Background briefing on Regional Governance – July 2015

Federation Whitepaper – Background briefing on vertical fiscal imbalance – July 2015

Taxation – Arrangements in Australia – July 2015

Apprentices – Regulatory Reform – July 2015

ARPI Risk Policy Alert – EBOLA UPDATE – 11 December 2014

ARPI is issuing another update on the situation with the Ebola epidemic – A key message for governments around the world.

Update provided in the APRI Risk Policy Alert Update – Ebola Update – 11 December 2014

ARPI Risk Policy Alert – EBOLA UPDATE – 25 November 2014

ARPI is issuing an update on the situation with the Ebola epidemic – not all is as well controlled as it may seem.

Update provided in the APRI Risk Policy Alert Update – Ebola Update – 25 November 2014 (PDF 106KB)

Media Release – Australia’s Vulnerability to Ebola Not Adequately Protected

The Australian Risk Policy Institute (ARPI) has warned that the Federal Government needs to lift
the level and breadth of coordination and control in relation to the emergence of the Ebola
epidemic and other vulnerabilities. The Australian response to the epidemic should now be
positioned as a “whole of Government issue” with express involvement of all governments in
Australia and with reference to external links to the emerging international structures.

See full media release here

Further detail provided in the APRI Risk Policy Alert – Ebola (PDF 290KB)

Ebola – 20 questions for each jurisdiction