Peter Pierre

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Peter Pierre
Peter Pierre has a long track record in delivering internal audit, risk, integrity and assurance functions across a range of public sector entities. He worked for a number of years in Canberra in the Commonwealth Public Sector, heading up audit and risk functions. He returned home to Perth in 2010 to take up a role in the national security framework, and has since moved back into the West Australian Public Sector and is now leading the internal audit and assurance directorate in one of Western Australian Public Sector’s largest organisations.

A reformer and change agent at heart, Peter is committed to contemporising internal audit and risk in the public sector, and is a strong advocate that risk consideration and discussion is a crucial component in any organisation. He is strongly supportive of ARPI’s advocacy of risk policy, in particular in his sphere of expertise in the public sector.

Peter is a Fellow of ARPI and has been a member since its inception. He has served on its Governing Board for a number of years

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