28 March – IQ2 Debate: Political Correctness Has Failed Itself

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Outspoken, un-PC figures and policies around the world are getting more votes than ever, and many are left struggling to make sense of the instability we find ourselves facing.

But in its well-meaning attempt to protect the marginalised and create a fairer and safer world for everyone, has political correctness itself become the bully? Is it silencing honesty and restricting necessary conversations? Or is watching what we say still important in the fight to correct both historic and current injustices?

Join the first 2017 IQ2 Debate, in its new home, Sydney Town Hall.

Date: Tuesday 28 March 2017
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Sydney Town Hall. Cnr George & Park Sreets, Sydney

Further information and tickets are available from the Ethics Centre Website at:


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